Individual Coaching

Clear Expression Coaching provides the foundation to clear obstacles empowering your communication to be a vehicle for meaningful connection.


Accent Enhancement (also known as accent modification, accent reduction, or accent elimination) is a systematic approach for the non-native speaker of English. This service is not intended to diminish your cultural identity but rather to upskill your communication skills and impact. Coaching is provided individually and in groups and typically is offered in 4-week, 8-week and 12-week packages.

Accent Enhancement helps to improve speech intelligibility and expressiveness by focusing on:

  • Pronunciation of consonant and vowel sounds
  • Rhythm and syllable stress
  • Word stress in a sentence to highlight important information
  • Intonation and the melody of English
  • Chunking idea & thought groups
  • Linking your words to sound more natural


Speaking in public was ranked the # 1 fear higher death and taxes. Together, we will work on how to transform your nervousness into effective and dynamic presenting skills. We will explore how to engage your audience, deliver your desired content and most importantly convey your story.

  • Learn specific techniques to engage your audience 
  • Deliver presentation content with confidence and clarity
  • Conquer and channel nervousness.
  • Communicate your story
  • Discover your authentic and unique voice
  • Focus on non-verbal communication and voice projection
  • Find the balance between being professional and personable



The written word is an essential tool in business and a vital part of your career. Whether you’re sending emails, writing proposals, creating PowerPoint presentations or posting on your company’s social media sites, your message should clear, meaningful and full of impact.

  • Organize content to effectively communicate utilizing professional written language
  • Implement strategies to develop written content that connects with the audience using the desired tone
  • Address grammatical and syntactic skills

Personal Benefits

• Improved communication with colleagues, clients, business  associates and customers

• Increased job opportunities and promotions

• Fewer errors due to miscommunication 

• Enhanced self-confidence and self-image 

• Enriched cultural understanding 

• Expanded social opportunities 

“As a French engineer having immigrated to the US, I needed some necessary accent modification lessons. I was extremely lucky to find Dalit. She has great interpersonal skills and is passionate about what she’s doing, accent modification. She taught me a ton on intonation, vowels, etc. to speak more like an American. Now, if someone still does not understand me, which is much more rare, I know exactly why and how I can make myself understood better. I even managed to do the dreaded “R” properly. I recommend Dalit to anyone who wants to work on their accent, without hesitation! Thanks again, Dalit.” -X. P., Engineer

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