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Communication training within the workplace allows employees that are non-native speakers of English to develop essential skills and thrive.

Clear Expression Coaching develops programs to address accent enhancement and pronunciation skills, expand public speaking and presentation competence, create concise and effective written content and foster the connection employees have with their clients, co-workers and customers.

Our corporate speech training programs can be customized to the needs of your site.

Organizational Benefits:

  • Provide employees the communication skills to succeed
  • Encourage active and meaningful participation in meetings
  • Stimulate more dynamic presentations
  • Promote leadership and workplace diversity
  • Boost employee satisfaction and productivity
  • Offer services as part of a employee benefits package

Would your employees benefit from our services?

Begin with a complimentary 30-minute consultation to outline your organizational goals and how Clear Expression Coaching can tailor our services to help your employees optimally represent your company.

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Industries that may benefit from corporate speech services include:

Hospitals and medical facilities


Pharmaceutical companies

Information Technology

Small business owners

Banking/Investment services

Universities and academic institutions

As an immigrant practicing medicine, performing research, and serving as an executive leader in the U.S., my foreign accent has always been somewhat of a hurdle. It became even more of an issue when I started to participate in panel discussions at national conferences, where the audience was diverse, and the acoustics not always optimal. Dalit improved my accent because of her exceptional skills as a speech therapist and because of her kindness, patience, and willingness to help. A professional and human experience I would recommend to anybody with linguistic difficulties” – G. P., Physician

Let’s design a program for your business together.

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